"May's shallow plan will have an enormous and detrimental impact on Greater Manchester"

  • Mayoral candidate Jane Brophy has pledged to fight against Brexit in Greater Manchester's best interests.
  • Brophy: "May's plan is shallow and ill-considered'
  • Mayoral candidate supports a referendum on the EU deal with Remain as an option.


Jane Brophy, who is currently battling it out for Mayor of Greater Manchester, has pledged "to fight against the Government’s aggressive Brexit agenda every step of the way."

Today the Prime Minister delivered her Brexit speech confirming that leaving the EU means the UK leaving the single market.

But the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester has said slammed Theresa May's plan as 'shallow and ill-considered' and accused the Prime Minister of taking 'absolutely no time to consider Greater Manchester's best interests'.

Jane Brophy, who is running on an unapologetically pro-EU ticket, said: "The government is blindly sleepwalking this country out of the EU and out of the single market with absolutely no consideration for local jobs, local trade and local business here in Greater Manchester.

"When Britain voted, marginally, to leave, there was no opportunity to vote for a destination, and we are now having an amended version of UKIP's plan thrust upon us and it is unacceptable.

"Theresa May has clearly not taken any time to think about the prosperity of Greater Manchester; all the research currently funded by the EU, Universities that rely on our place in the EU, tackling air pollution, future trading relationships, criminal justice, law and order, ease of travel, health funding, climate change, or how our region should work with other countries,

"Her shallow plan will have an enormous and detrimental impact on Greater Manchester, and I will fight against her, and this ill-considered 'plan', every step of the way."

Jane Brophy will face competition from Andy Burnham (Labour), Sean Anstee (Conservatives), Shneur Odze (UKIP) and a yet to be announced Green Party candidate.

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