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Jane is the only proudly passionate pro-European candidate in this election.

Jane's top priority is to halt the aggressive Brexit agenda threatening local jobs, trade and businesses.

Jane is fighting to deliver real change for local residents across Greater Manchester. No matter where you're from, where you live, which school you went to, where you work, how much you earn, who you love or what you believe in— Jane believes we should all be able to step forward, together.

Jane has beaten the odds time and time again, and with your help in 2017, we can do it again.

Jane is on your side in this election. No empty promises, no lies and no wealthy backers. Someone new with something fresh for Greater Manchester; a step forward.

Ready to get to know Jane?
Let's go!

Humble beginnings Jane as an infant

Jane Brophy was born on the 27th of August 1963.

young Jane and family

Jane grew up with her mum, dad and brother in Manchester.

Jane and John travelling with Citroën 2CV

Jane's passion for travelling was inspired by journeys across the globe from an early age.

Jane and John's wedding

She met John at Leeds University, and they were married when Jane was 22.

Jane with her three children

Jane has two sons, now aged 22 and 21, and a daughter aged 19.

finding her voice Jane as Chair of the Young Liberals

Jane was chair of the Young Liberals, winning the ‘First Time Speakers Cup’ for passionately debating her concerns on the environment and climate change, in particular, the threat posed by acid rain.

Jane & John at the Berlin Wall

Jane was hugely moved as she witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This propelled her drive for social justice and freedom.

Jane's first election leaflet

She first stood for election in 1994 where she won Village Ward with 48% of the vote.

Jane speaking at an event

Jane campaigned on climate change and to improve the environment before it was a widely known issue. She was one of the first to highlight the fact that chlorofluorocarbons were seriously damaging the ozone layer.

Jane speaking at a podium

Jane spent years working with families from challenging and ‘hard to reach’ backgrounds, empowering people to take charge of their own lives.

Jane in front of a fence at a Sure Start Centre

She worked with Greater Manchester's Sure Start Centres to implement healthier school dinners. Her work saw children across the region from disadvantaged background receive a free hot dinner every day.

Fighting for the environment

Jane supports a local scheme encouraging families to cycle more.

Jane & John with their new wind turbine before installation

Change begins at home: Jane's home was the first in Greater Manchester to have a wind turbine installed.

Jane at a new recycling bin with Councillor Ray Bowker MBE

Jane launches her first recycling campaign in 1993.

Jane & supporters campaign to cut Parliament's carbon footprint

Jane campaigned hard to cut Parliament's carbon.

Jane in front of a green waste recycling point

Jane has been a part of the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ environmental campaign since 1992, focusing on the then much overlooked battery recycling.

Jane gardening at Pickering Lodge

She set up the Pickering Lodge Friends Group in Trafford, attending and organising community cleanups frequently.

Fighting for health and care

As a mother with a disabled son, Jane has campaigned for increased awareness of mental health and to help people with learning disabilities.

Jane in front of fruit stall

Jane also works for the NHS and was part of the successful campaign to encourage everyone, particularly children in local schools, to eat fruit at break times.

Jane holds up a 20mph sign with Councillor Neil Taylor

She was instrumental in the implementation of 20mph zones across Greater Manchester.

Jane at back of a car holding Cut Car Carbon Now stakeboard

She has been campaigning for over a decade to tackle CO2 emissions and other harmful air pollutants with an aim to improve public health and combat global warming.

Fighting for transport

Jane has campaigned for years to improve cycling routes in the region.

Jane at Altrincham Interchange with Chris Davies MEP and other Lib Dems and supporters

For years, Jane has campaigned for better public transport links across the region of Greater Manchester.

Jane campaigning with Chris Davies MEP

Jane campaigned with MEPs and MPs to secure the Metrolink extension.

Jane at a bus stop

Jane believes in public transport being accessible for everyone and ran a campaign to clean up bus stops to ensure disabled passengers could use them.

Fighting for communities

Delivering change across Greater Manchester matters to Jane.

Jane with Post Office campaigners and Councillor Neil Taylor

Jane ran high profile campaigns against the Post Office closures across Greater Manchester.

Jane and Pauline with a partially sighted constituent

Jane ran the ‘Pavements for People’ campaign ensuring that blind and partially sighted people could use pavements safely.

Jane in the countryside with Councillor Neil Taylor and other campaigners

Jane has been actively campaigning in her community for over 40 years.

Jane with Jo Swinson MP and two children recycling bottles and cardboard

Launching a community recycling scheme with Jo Swinson MP.

Fighting for Greater Manchester

Jane campaigns on the doors all year round getting to know local residents.

Jane at an IN Together Lib Dem pro-EU campaign stall with supporters

Jane is a proud and passionate pro-European. She campaigned to remain during the 2016 European Union Referendum and has pledged to fight against a hard Brexit if elected, maintaining a close link with the EU.

Jane and the Lib Dem team campaigning for AV

Jane has long campaigned in favour of a more proportional voting system. In 2011, she campaigned for ‘YES!’ during the Alternative Vote Referendum.

Jane holding a Stop Homophobic Bullying placard

Jane campaigned in support of equal marriage and joined forces with John Leach MP to protest against homophobic bullying in Greater Manchester.

Jane with teachers, schoolchildren and Councillor Ray Bowker MBE

Jane has worked with schools and children across Greater Manchester promoting her fundamental belief of freedom, fairness, trust and equal chances in education for all.

Jane with the Human Appeal team accepting coat donations for Wrap Up Manchester

Jane is particularly concerned about the rise in homelessness in Greater Manchester and has been a part of numerous campaigns combating the issue, as well as pledging to tackle it head on if elected.

Jane standing up and speaking at an event

Jane has a record of sticking up for local residents in Greater Manchester when it comes to jobs. Creating employment and ensuring employers pay a decent wage are among Jane's top priorities.

Jane winning in 2016 with Lib Dem colleagues Residents rejoiced as headlines read: Welcome back, Jane! Jane was re-elected in 2016 with 52% of the vote.


So, what's next?

step forward


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