Time to end Greater Manchester’s second class transport system, says Jane Brophy

 Jane by train at station

  • Mayoral candidate Jane Brophy challenges Government to back up promises on North West's transport system with cash
  • Lib Dem Brophy blasts empty rhetoric from Tory Government on 'Northern Powerhouse'
  • Transport funding deficit set to be exacerbated by lack of EU funds post-Brexit


Greater Manchester must start getting its fair share of transport funding if the Northern Powerhouse is to be more than words, says Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate Jane Brophy.

Jane has launched a blistering attack on the Government and her Mayoral opponents.

“We hear an endless stream of warm words from Government ministers. I’ve got news for them. Words don’t build railways. Words don’t build trams. Words don’t get people to work or school,” said Jane. “Greater Manchester’s transport system has been second class for too long.”

“Every day the funding gap between London and the rest of the country grows bigger. London gets tens of billions of pounds poured into Crossrail and a new runway, while our Greater Manchester politicians fall over each other to say how grateful they are for a tiny fraction of that. If we are going to rebalance the UK economy, we have to invest more in places like Greater Manchester - it’s as simple as that.”

Jane Brophy is calling for the Government to back up its words with real money.

“Sean Anstee and Andy Burnham want to build thousands of houses on our greenbelt. They know perfectly well that there is no prospect of getting trams or trains to those locations for decades to come, meaning more roads, more cars, more pollution and more jams.”

“In any sensible world, we would plan ahead and get the transport links in first, then build the homes we need in the places we need them. But the money that would allow us to do that is all being spent down in London, so it doesn’t happen.”

As Mayor of Greater Manchester, Jane will not accept warm words from Government ministers, but will push for fair funding for our area.

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