"Greater Manchester is open for business" but battle over Brexit is not finished yet says Mayoral candidate

  • Jane Brophy declares she will 'fight Brexit' after speaking to worried independent designers and makers.
  • Brophy: "Together, we will fight this hard Brexit."

On Sunday Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidate Jane Brophy visited the Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Altrincham Town Hall, where she spoke to artists, designers and makers about what they would want from a Mayor.

Jane Brophy explained to concerned artists that despite campaigning to Remain, she would fight to ensure Greater Manchester's artists wouldn't be hit by Brexit.

The Liberal Democrat candidate battling it out for the first ever elected Mayor of Greater Manchester said: "It was really exciting to see so many residents from across Greater Manchester here at the craft fair promoting and selling all of their own products.

"But we have a big task ahead, as Brexit becomes more real we have to work harder to ensure our link with the EU is maintained.

"As a passionate pro-European who campaigned to remain, I was devastated by the result, but we can't let it impact our local industries."

Jane Brophy spoke at length with independent designer and jeweller, Dr. Sarah O'Hana, who was concerned about the impact leaving the European Union would have on British makers. 

Dr O'Hana said: "It was actually really refreshing to see a politician, from here in Greater Manchester, taking an active interest in local and independent makers.

"It was also great to hear that independent designers and makers are on Jane's radar and a part of her plan for Greater Manchester.

"It was clear that Jane understood the negative impact that Brexit could have on our industry, and I'm pleased to hear she will fight for the best deal for us, and I look forward to welcoming her back."

The remain campaigner, Jane Brophy added: "Leaving the EU was not what large parts of Greater Manchester voted for and even those that did vote leave did not intend to have us yanked out without any thought or consideration for our region's best interests.

"So it is really is fantastic to see local and independent makers like this sending a clear message; Greater Manchester is open and ready for business. And together, we will fight this hard Brexit."

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