Site Value Rating instead of anti-development

We should campaign to allow the new authority to replace council tax with site value rating based only on the land value rather than the overall property value (land plus buildings). This would quickly encourage development of underused sites so that development of new sites was minimised to what is genuinely necessary to supply the regional economy. Similar schemes in parts of the USA show that compared with adjacent areas that do not adopt such a policy, cities which do experience much more sustainable development and economic growth. I can put you in touch with people who have campaigned on this successfully in the US.

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  • Michael Ciotkowski
    tagged this with good 2017-01-12 09:51:45 +0000
  • Jock Coats
    commented 2016-11-16 08:06:15 +0000
    The Local Income Tax policy, if not actually ditched, was superseded by a demand at the last election for more top end council tax bands. In any case, a LIT policy would rather need to be co-ordinated nationally if at all. I’m pretty sure ALTER got a commitment to allow local areas to experiment with their own ideas on local taxation. Since LVT for the GMCA area would only involve a rebasing of existing property taxes it can be done locally.

    You are fighting for a position in an authority both of whose powers are still evolving. And of those already committed to be devolved, housing, planning and transport, all operate better when people pay the economic costs of the locations that benefit from such spending and planning decisions. Recent London mayors of both parties have called for LVT to fund major transport infrastructure. Andy Burnham is also an LVT supporter. There’s no harm in calling for the power to decide the local tax base locally when it is far and away the single biggest measure to ensure the future success of the GMCA area.

    If you want the Manchester area to be the most dynamic economy in the country, the evidence shows that this is a sine qua non for economically and ecologically sustainable development. Problems of land values are only going to be exacerbated when HS2/3/whatever number reaches Manchester. If anyone spends any of the reported £500m housing fund rewarding land owners for holding land out of production, or foisting homes on greenbelt before developing valuable underused sites, it will be a travesty that could be avoided.

    We hear a lot (Stockport and Bolton is it spring to mind) about Lib Dem councillors and campaigners demanding to “save the green belt” but little of their actual policies for forcing underutilised land outside the green belt into productive use. SVR is that method.
  • Peter West
    commented 2016-11-14 13:58:11 +0000
    Is this an issue that a devolved authority would have control over?

    At a national level the Lib Dems propose scrapping the council tax, and unless the policy position has changed (which arguably it should) propose replacing it with a local income tax. So this may also go against agreed national policy in an area where national government has the competent powers.
  • Jock Coats
    published this page in You Policy Ideas 2016-11-14 06:00:30 +0000
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