"Greater Manchester is open for business" but battle over Brexit is not finished yet says Mayoral candidate

  • Jane Brophy declares she will 'fight Brexit' after speaking to worried independent designers and makers.
  • Brophy: "Together, we will fight this hard Brexit."
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Mayoral candidate pledges support for HIV prevention: "Stop arguing over PrEP and start saving lives"

  • The Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester has launched an attack on NHS chiefs still arguing over the funding of PrEP.
  • Brophy: "It's utterly abhorrent that there is a drug out there which has shown to be effective and is not available"
  • Brophy: "I will fight for this drug every day until it is delivered."
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Last minute plea for public to support Human Appeal's 'Wrap Up Manchester' campaign.

  • Greater Manchester's top Liberal Democrats have pleaded with the public to donate as many coats as possible to the charity.
  • Greater Manchester Mayoral candidate, Jane Brophy and former Manchester MP, John Leech visited the city's Human Appeal centres to donate clothing and raise campaign profile.
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Jane Brophy calls on government to protect greenbelt

  • Jane Brophy demands green spaces in Greater Manchester must be protected.
  • Plans to build new houses on green spaces in Greater Manchester has been met with mixed reactions.
  • Brophy: "Only when all other options are exhausted should we consider moving onto the greenbelt."
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Battle for Greater Manchester mayor begins as Liberal Democrats select Cllr. Jane Brophy to contest election

  • Experienced Trafford councillor and NHS worker, Jane Brophy, selected by Greater Manchester Liberal Democrats for the mayoral election.
  • Cllr. Jane Brophy: "Looking forward to being a fresh voice for Greater Manchester residents."
  • Former Manchester MP, John Leech: "Thrilled we have such an energetic, enthusiastic and passionate candidate."
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