Metrolink's landmark second city crossing is stark reminder of what is at risk with Brexit, say Remain Campaigners

  • Metrolink's ‘big-bang’ expansion will come into operation this weekend as the new Second City Crossing opens on Sunday 26th February.
  • Prominent Remain campaigners have warned projects like this - funded by the EU - are at serious risk.
  • Mayoral candidate pledges to fight against Brexit "every step of the way."
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Student exchange in Greater Manchester must be protected from Brexit as thousands are set to lose out

  • Greater Manchester's top Liberal Democrats have called on the Government to protect the student exchange programme.
  • Mayoral candidate Jane Brophy: "I will fight against this brutal Brexit agenda every single step of the way."
  • Former MP John Leech: "We are about to rob a whole generation of its best opportunities."
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