Only the Liberal Democrats can de-rail a hard Brexit now

  • Supreme court rules Parliament must vote on Article 50.
  • Mayoral candidate Jane Brophy has pledged to fight against Brexit every step of the way.
  • Mayoral candidate supports a referendum on the EU deal with Remain as an option.


The Supreme court has ruled by 8 votes to 3 that government cannot trigger Article 50 without an act of parliament. This will mean all MPs will have an opportunity to vote in favour or against triggering Article 50.

Jane Brophy, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester, welcomed the news, saying: "This court case was never about legal arguments, it was about giving the people a voice and a say in what happens next. This government's attempt to blindly sleepwalk us out of the EU and out of the single market with absolutely no consideration for local jobs, local trade and local business here in Greater Manchester is a pure and simple act of vandalism."

The Supreme court ruling also follows months of speculation about whether the Mayor of Greater Manchester will have a say on Brexit. Brexit secretary David Davis has confirmed that he would meet with the region’s new mayor after May’s elections to discuss their priorities for any future deal struck by the government.

Jane Brophy, who is running on an unapologetically pro-EU ticket, added: "The question now is about who local residents want at that Brexit table fighting for Greater Manchester's best interests and our place in Europe. It is only the Liberal Democrats who will de-rail Brexit and I am the only candidate fighting for the closest possible relationship with the EU.

"The Liberal Democrats are clear, we want a vote in the form of a referendum on the final Brexit deal, with Remain on the ballot paper.

"We are hurtling towards a hard Brexit which will have an enormous and detrimental impact on Greater Manchester, and I will fight against it every single step of the way."

Jane Brophy will face competition from Andy Burnham (Labour), Sean Anstee (Conservatives), Shneur Odze (UKIP) and Will Patterson (Greens).

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