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Right now we are writing up our manifesto detailing exactly how will step forward for Greater Manchester. Have an idea, tell us below...

Use Powers to Depenalise Drug Possession For Personal Use

Current evidence from Europe, USA and Australia shows that the persuit of harm reduction and treatment strategies are aided by decriminalisation of drug possession. This results in a reduction in drug related harms and deaths (eg HIV or HepC transmission), reduction in adolescent and problem drug use and reduced burdens to the criminal justice system. Decriminalsation also increases uptake of drug treatment and amount of drugs seized by police. Decriminalisation would require government legislation but depenalisation can be carried out by authorities under the direction of the police comissioner.

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Feasibility study to extend Metrolink down Oxford Rd

The Oxford Road corridor is one of the most polluted areas in Greater Manchester. This is mainly due to the huge number of diesel powered busses. The sheer number of people moved along this corridor means that a tram is a more appropriate and less polluting mass transport solution. If Manchester is to be recognised as a leading global city, world class links between our city centre, stations, universities and hospitals are vital. Conduct a feasibility study to extend the tram network past MMU, UoM, and CMFT to the Christie.

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Make Manchester the Cycling Capital of the UK

- create a city wide bike scheme like Santander bikes in London - create FULLY segregated cycleways on all key routes at the expense of private motor vehicle space (maintain pedestrian and public transport space) - ALL roads that have work done to them in future should have best in class cycle infra added to them as part of it - add proper full time restrictions such as red routes to stop vehicles stopping in cycle lanes - enforce stopping and parking restrictions to make Manchester safe for cyclists

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Site Value Rating instead of anti-development

We should campaign to allow the new authority to replace council tax with site value rating based only on the land value rather than the overall property value (land plus buildings). This would quickly encourage development of underused sites so that development of new sites was minimised to what is genuinely necessary to supply the regional economy. Similar schemes in parts of the USA show that compared with adjacent areas that do not adopt such a policy, cities which do experience much more sustainable development and economic growth. I can put you in touch with people who have campaigned on this successfully in the US.

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Make it illegal to park on footpaths/kerbs/verges etc. and enforce it

I have read that Manchester City Council are currently seeking powers to make it illegal to park on footpaths/kerbs/verges etc. and that the council will increase surveillance on and enforce with large fines/removals. I hope that Jane will push for this for all of Greater Manchester. I have been driven at whilst on the footpath and beeped at by people wanting to park where I'm standing having a chat. I've been hit by a van reversing off a footpath that couldn't see. People in wheelchairs or with prams etc. often have to go on the road.

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Youth Futures Plan

The primary aim of this plan is to secure Manchester's future as an innovative, competitive, and progressive city. This can be achieved in a number of ways: 1) Prioritise places on internships for high performing students in deprived communities to ensure equal opportunity. 2) Pledge that the mayoral office will work with institutions and businesses such as law firms, banks, universities, and start up companies to provide more open days and visits with local students in order to spark intrigue and ambition in our youth, and provide future employees in those institutions and businesses. 3) Work with EU partners to encourage and secure relationships between academic institutions and businesses in Greater Manchester and those on the European continent in order to make sure the youth are still able to think about a future abroad, and to encourage investment from EU partners in Greater Manchester as an open city.

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Green Belt Reform Scheme

At the top of our aims in creating a better, cleaner Greater Manchester we must look towards optimal environmental protection. The Green Belt Reform Scheme would be a scheme in which derelict, unused buildings go back into the hands of the elected council - enabled the council to renovate this area back into green space. If any business makes an attempt to buy this land, they must adhere to the 'green pledge' - in which the business buying the land must be environmentally friendly, and will hold little to no harm environmentally in the long term.

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