Make it illegal to park on footpaths/kerbs/verges etc. and enforce it

I have read that Manchester City Council are currently seeking powers to make it illegal to park on footpaths/kerbs/verges etc. and that the council will increase surveillance on and enforce with large fines/removals. I hope that Jane will push for this for all of Greater Manchester. I have been driven at whilst on the footpath and beeped at by people wanting to park where I'm standing having a chat. I've been hit by a van reversing off a footpath that couldn't see. People in wheelchairs or with prams etc. often have to go on the road.

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  • commented 2017-04-22 12:56:50 +0100
    Then smaller side roads would need to be widened as some you can’t fit down if cars on both sides are parked kerbside not on the footpath. It wouldn’t be fair for people who only have access to on street parking or work where there’s only onstreet parking.
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