Make Manchester the Cycling Capital of the UK

- create a city wide bike scheme like Santander bikes in London - create FULLY segregated cycleways on all key routes at the expense of private motor vehicle space (maintain pedestrian and public transport space) - ALL roads that have work done to them in future should have best in class cycle infra added to them as part of it - add proper full time restrictions such as red routes to stop vehicles stopping in cycle lanes - enforce stopping and parking restrictions to make Manchester safe for cyclists

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  • Andrew Fisher
    commented 2017-02-21 20:56:17 +0000
    This is generally a good idea, but the details will obviously need to be added. I welcome the focus on safer cycling and Greater Manchester wide cycling routes. The public bike hire scheme should be secondary to improvements in road layout, infrastructure.
  • Andrew Fisher
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  • Andrew Fisher
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  • Peter West
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  • Simon Hunter
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  • Simon Hunter
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